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This page contains News entries from 2006. Current News is on the Main Page.

News - 2004
News - 2005


December 18th

I posted pictures of our new puppy under the Current Pets section. Click Here to see them =). She is an early Christmas present.

October 30th

I've got the pictures posted from our Halloween Party on Saturday (the 28th). I had a lot of fun at the party and I hope those of you that were there had a good time, too. =)

To see the pics, Click Here.

October 23rd

I added some pictures in the Special section from the Colin and Brad Show we went to in Salt Lake on Saturday. One of the funniest things I have ever seen in my life. For more information on the show, you can visit their official site:

The Colin and Brad Show. Com

Still looking through things to see what needs to be updated and all of that. Hopefully I'll be able to stay more active on here for awhile. Halloween party this weekend, so....pretty busy around here. =P

*** Update ***
Just finished updating the Pets section to reflect which pets we still have.
Also went into the graphics section and added some new stuff. All of the backgrounds used on this site should be there now. That area still needs some work. I'll get to it eventually =P.

October 20th

I went through and added some stuff to the Special Occassions section so it's current now. May through October is all new. Enjoy!

I'll be adding more stuff as I have time and interest in doing so. We are having a Halloween Party this year and pictures of decorations will *have* to be posted, of course.

*** Update ***
Oh! I also updated the People section. Things needed to be added/removed and now the pictures should be more recent ones (most were from '03...). Also, we have made some new friends since '03 =P so the Friends part has some new faces =).

Things are not completely updated, but it's closer. So yeah.

January 27th

I went through the People Section to give it a new look today. The old colors were just too dull and depressing. Likewise, the Special Occassions main page has been updated also, since they had the same color scheme. =P

I made some changes to this main page, also. I kept the general color scheme, but with changes. There's a new logo and background and some shade difference on the tables and whatnot. Overall, it's more attractive and I like it. :P Since the News sections had the same colors, they were updated also.

I am going to be looking through some of the sections to see about changing some colors to something a little more happy to look at. I'll post any other updates.

*** Update ***
I went through the Special Occassions sections and gave them new backgrounds. I haven't decided if I'm happy with them yet or not, but there's more color now. I also fixed the rest of the broken links that I missed in the section from '03.

January 25th

I updated every section today to make sure links are working and to add/remove a couple of things.

I updated the People Section so the pictures are current and more people are included. I will be working on that just like always - slowly :P.

Everything should be working properly on ALL sites now. I went through Disney, Final Fantasy, Sailormoon, etc to fix all the links and some formatting issues. All in all, a busy day for a day off o_O.

January 23rd

I updated the Special Occassions section so that it's current now. There was quite a bit of 2005 not on there yet and none of 2006 yet.

I am also working on moving the old news to a new page so that only updated news will be listed here. You will still be able to look back at old news and see just how long it took me to get around to doing anything on here. :P