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This page contains News entries from 2005. Current News is on the Main Page.

News - 2004
News - 2006


December 28th

I am sort of working backwards. I got some pictures developed today, so I have added them to the Special Occassions section - they are from Thanksgiving. I also added about 10 more Christmas pictures. Believe it or not, there are still more coming that I have yet to get copies of.

I really don't know if/when all of it will be finished, but at least there are some pictures up now. Eventually, when I get them scanned in, I will be adding Halloween. Maybe in 2006? Hmm.

I am catching up on 2005 just in time to get behind for 2006. Go me! :P

December 26th

I updated the Special Occassions section today just to add pictures from Christmas of this year (2005). I will add more when I have them developed and when I have time, so it may be awhile. Anyway, enjoy the ones that are there.

March 11th

I've been working on the Sailormoon site lately and haven't done much to this site. However, I did reformat most of the tables to look a little more organized. Any I missed will get done....eventually.

I updated the Pets sections. Every pet has at least one picture now.

I *finally* got the rest of my film developed and scanned the pictures in. That means 11 new Halloween pictures and a bunch more of my brother's trip to Utah in '03. Yes, I know, it has taken me forever. :P Hopefully, sometime before never, I will be creating a section for Special Occassions in 2005. That means there will be pictures in it in 2006, right? :P

Speaking of outdated stuff...I have moved all of the 2004 News entries to their own page. Only current news will be kept here.

March 7th

I added a section containing the card game patterns for Super Mario Brothers 3 today. To view it, go here: Mario Card Game.

I added albinoblacksheep's Time Attack Video for Mario 3 just because it entertains me :P. Hope you enjoy it.

March 6th

I haven't been around lately due to school and work...

Anywho, I removed the Pets section from the People I Know area and gave it its own section. Because of the move, it now has its own color schemes.

Also, I decided it was time to categorize the pet section a bit. You'll notice that pets are now separated based on species (ie: Cat, Gerbil, Rat). The new arrangement and colors should make things more enjoyable for viewing.

Not sure yet when I will be able to redo some of the other sections/sites. I guess I'll get to it when I get to it :P. Try to overlook any unseemly layouts until then, K? ;)